March 25, 2013

My husband is certifiable

Tests passed on the first try. Matt got his certification. Booya, baby!

I didn't want to mention it, but a coworker told me that a lot of people need to take these tests more than once to pass. And in fact, Matt said that a couple of the guys there failed and were coming back later to try again. So fuck yes, sugar - good job! All that studying paid off.

March 23, 2013

Stick a fork in me, I am done

The injuries continue. I just now literally stuck a fork in myself instead of the potato I was trying to pierce. Earlier today, the hatch to the Jeep came down when I was storing groceries inside and gave me what is sure to turn out to be a nice bruise on the arm.

For the love of Pete, may I just get through one day without burns, bruises, or stabbery?

I've learned my lesson from last week and am descending the back steps with sideways feet - in the fashion you'd pick your way down a steep sandy hill. So far, so good.

Taking no chances here, folks.

March 16, 2013

Success and injury

So indeed, no big deal. There were a lot of gaps and things that should be clarified next year, but things went well today. Whatever mishaps there were, they were only evident to us, and I made notes for the future.

There were no problems driving the van - in fact, I parallel parked that bitch on the first try. My co-worker knows everything about campus and all the buildings and sounded like a tried-and-true tour guide. I only had to keep it in the lane and ask whether she wanted me to turn left or right every so often.

It was only after I'd left the prospective students at their hotel and went to return the van that I ran into any trouble. First, construction. Second, an accident that slowed down traffic. Still, I made it back to the motor pool without incident. I even backed the van into its spot - dead even in the lines. "Dude. You did good today. You need to trust yourself more."

Then I went to step out and fucking fell out of the van. Hands-and-knees fell. Don't get me wrong, my knee hurts, but Jesus, I couldn't help but laugh. I guess I thought the ground was a lot closer than it was, then all of a sudden it WAS a lot closer.

I finally got home, took off my shoes, and called the dogs to go outside. One step down the stairs to the back door, and my foot slipped and I landed on my elbow.  It was the kind of injury where you know it's not broken but it hurts so bad you just let it dangle for a bit because you don't dare move it. I swore so much that Pete got freaked out and went back to his cushion with his going-outside toy dangling from his mouth for about ten minutes.

I am very pleased that if I had to have fits of accident or klutziness today, they were contained to when I was on my own, had access to ice and ibupofen, and took no one down with me.

And on that note, a little more ibuprofen is due.

March 11, 2013


So this next week may be tough for me. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and one of my weaknesses is that I like to stay in the background. Provide support. Get you the information that you need. NOT interact with people I don't know and actually have to talk to them. Even though when it comes down to it and I'm forced to, I do fine and have a good time.

We have prospective students coming next Friday, and I have to drive them around campus for a couple of hours. I'll be doing it with a co-worker who has already plotted out our route, and it's going to be just fine. They are half my age. I can drive a van. I know campus. There is no pop quiz.

But still. For the last week (ever since I was volunteered to do this and had no acceptable reason to decline), I have woken up with the feeling that something was hanging over me. It's so stupid! Nothing bad ever happens and more often than not, I have a good time or learn or accomplish something and FOR GOD'S SAKE THIS IS NOTHING.

Most of me is looking forward to it and would like to smack the other part of me. I guess that's progress.

March 09, 2013

Poker night

Matt and his friends usually get together here on Saturdays for poker. It's been a few weeks, and I have to admit I missed it. I'm usually reading or doing laundry or watching something, but always to the background noise of clicking chips, trash talk and a bunch of swearing. It's nice to have a full house again.

March 07, 2013

My cup runneth over

Fantastic news today - my position was reclassified and it comes with a raise of almost 10 percent. I am floored. And giddy. Really, really giddy. FUCK YEAH! Multiply that by I don't even know how much.

Also, turns out I have a wheat problem. Maybe that doesn't sound like good news, but to identify what's been up with my stomach and skin is extremely gratifying, and since it doesn't look like an across-the-board gluten problem, there are really easy replacements for bread, crackers, and pasta. Today was day one skipping wheat stuff, and I had no itching or stomach problems. More, please.

Re: Matt's certification. There was simply too much information to cram into three days of studying (turns out there was another book and addendum lurking in the requirements), so while he wasn't able to get the certification Monday and apply for that particular job, there are multiple opportunities to take the test this month and other positions will come up. He'll be in a really good position to take advantage when they do. And I cannot express how much I am loving coming home and seeing him studying, pencil in hand. Studious Matt is pretty fucking sexy.