January 15, 2010

Midwesterners on parade

Phone call this afternoon -

Melissa: Blah blah blah, this is Melissa, may I help you?

Professor from a Wisconsin university: Hello! How's the weather there? We're pretty cold here, but nothing compared to you, I'm sure.

M: Oh, we've had some sun and a bit of a thaw lately, not so bad. You?

P: Oh, it's chilly all right, but been warming up recently. It's got me looking forward to Spring. Say, I'm calling because I know the application deadline is today and I am late in sending a letter of recommendation for so-and-so. She asked me some time ago and I'd meant to, but with one thing or another -

M: Oh, that's okay! You can email it to me at -

P: Well, I thought maybe I'd fax it on over and wondered whether you'd received it yet. I know you're probably swamped but ...

M: Looks like there's something in the fax right now. Would you mind holding while I check?

P: Oh, I'd be happy to!

. . .

M: Got it! I'll add it to so-and-so's application file. She's all set.

P: Super! Well, you have a great afternoon! Take care.

M: You too!

P: Thanks so much! Keep warm and have a great weekend!

M: Thank you, you too! Take care.

P: Bye!

M: Bye!