April 26, 2010

Operation Little One

"You're 38 and regular, let's not drag this out. Two months of ovulation tests and I want to see you back here," the doctor said. Seniority seems to be working to our advantage.

I go back this Thursday for a dye test to make sure all the plumbing is clear, then we're under strict orders to have sex two days in a row once the ovulation predictor kit says Go For It. Oh (gnashing of teeth), what tribulation!

To establish there's normal ovulation happening, I will pee on a stick mid-month and hope for a positive result.

But I will NOT pee like this:

In fact, I don't know anyone who could. Where is that even coming from?

Assuming ovulation is normal and predictable, we're going to try some intrauterine insemination in just a few months, and I am hopeful. Oh man, am I hopeful.