June 11, 2010

Nature at work

I found a moth in the bathroom a few minutes ago and cupped some paper around it to take it outside.

"It's on its way, I think," I said to Matt on my way to the porch, "but I want it to die outside." Mainly because I don't want to step on it tomorrow morning when I get out of the shower, but it sounds good, huh?

I gave the paper a flip at the door and the moth flew away to rest on the outside of the nearest window.

There was just enough time to think My, it's lively! Maybe it's not on its last legs after all before a bird flew up and snatched it up.

I did mean to let it pass peacefully outside. I didn't realize I could have done a three, two, one countdown.

Nature is pretty fucking quick sometimes.

June 06, 2010

Like white on rice

The rain was starting to come down heavier along the drive home tonight when the radio went "BEEEP, BEEEP, BEEEP ... take immediate cover." It's so comforting to hear one of those severe weather warnings when you're fifteen miles from home.

My first thought was for the tomatoes, trapped in pots this year. I'd planted them in the wrong type of containers (no drainage), and I pictured water buildup and drowning roots. Shit. Well, I'll tip them out when I get home, and stick them in the garage overnight. I'll drill holes at the bases tomorrow.

My second thought was for the boys, Pete in particular. He gets a little nervous during storms and on more than one occasion recently I've come home to a dog toy on the bathroom rug and pawprints in the tub. Don't ask me - he must have learned somewhere that it's a safe place.

Lightning. Heavier rain. Sheets spraying away from the tires at the highway's low points. This is lovely. Ah. Here's my exit. Whew, almost hom - HOLY CRIPES! A deluge of water all over the windshield.

Sure enough, both dogs seemed a little agitated when I got home, and I noticed the shower curtain was awry. Pete shouldered past me into the bathroom and jumped straight in the bathtub. Willy followed.

They have not left me alone since. They've been stepping on my heels, licking my face, and plopping down immediately behind my chair. If I leave the room, they follow. Willy's stomach hasn't stopped gurgling, and Pete won't stop panting.

We might need to look into some doggie Valium.