February 23, 2013


Man, I love Saturdays. Saturday morning, in particular. Typically there is nowhere to be, I wake up on my own time, and spend a good hour or so dozing.

I got good news at work Thursday - my supervisor is trying to reclassify my position to a higher level. It looks like it's going to go through, and even if there's not an immediate raise there's at least the likelihood of future raises because I'll no longer be at the midpoint of my salary range. Booya.

In reverse-type news, we got notice that our house has again dropped in value. We will never be able to refinance this way. Again, roof over the head and whatnot is the important thing, I guess.

Laundry going, book being read, the betta got fresh water and some blood worms for a treat. It's time for a nap.

Peace out.


Blogger Sailor said...

Excellent way to spend Saturday; I have an empty house and it's quiet, which is rare & treasured, hope you have a sweet nap

February 23, 2013 3:09 PM  

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