November 12, 2013


I started painting the trim in the hallway, but it needs a second coat. I don't always have the energy or interest to finish a project in two days, but I think I can finish this one within the week. Second coat tomorrow.

One of the problems with starting a house project is how many more projects pop up. Painting a wall? Better paint that trim. Painting the trim? You should probably sand that floor. Oh, you sanded the floor? You should probably stain and seal that.

And that's where this household calls it quits. But it still needs to be done.

Is anyone else like this? Take forever to start a project, finish it about 80 percent, and then say fuck it? I can't think of a single project that we started and finished completely. Seriously. It kind of bothers me, what that says about us, but then again, I'm also kind of lazy so I get it.

I'd like to be different that way.